At D. Hittle & Associates, we strive for excellence in all we do.

Our expertise in the electrical industry means that we will utilize the most cost efficient solution, in conjunction with the most sophisticated designs, so that your project is functional, practical and aesthetically pleasing.

D. Hittle  has the design & engineering capabilities to take a project from inception and design through construction and finally bring it to completion.

Our extensive engineering background allows us to understand the future cost and deficiency implications of the project in order to avoid them. We also understand the demands associated with each project, so we can mitigate potential risks associated with budget and schedule.

At D. Hittle & Associates we pride ourselves in providing quality & effective services on schedule. The following are some highlights of the engineering & design services we offer.

Transmission & Distribution Systems

  • Substation Design and Construction Services (230 kV and below)
  • T&D System Planning and Design
  • Overhead (OH) & Underground (UG) Distribution Design
  • Distribution Road Relocation Design & Line Extension
  • Submarine Power Cable Design
  • Plat Design and Large Customer Connections
  • Staking and Field Services
  • Systems Valuations and Appraisals
  • System Reliability Studies, Protection Schemes
  • Data Acquisition, Monitoring & Control, SCADA

Power Distribution Systems

  • Commercial and Industrial Planning and Design (Low and Medium Voltages)
  • Valuations and Appraisals
  • Reliability and Power Quality Studies
  • Power Demand and Quality Metering
  • Transient Voltage Suppression
  • Uniteruptable Service
  • Sensitive Electronic Equipment Protection
  • Laboratory Electrical Systems
  • Motor Control Center Layout
  • Process Power and Control Design

Economic Analysis/Financing

  • Revenue Requirements
  • Cost of Service Studies
  • Retail Rate Analysis
  • Unbundled Electric & Natural Gas Rate Studies
  • Power Supply Options
  • Bond Issue Engineers Reports/Certifications
  • Grant Applications and Management

Feasibility & Management Consulting

  • Condemnation Planning
  • System Integration Analysis
  • System Acquisition & Take Over
  • Power Quality Studies
  • Electric Reliability Imporvements
  • NEC & NESC Code Compliance Remediation

Energy Resource Design & Analysis

  • On-site & Emergency Generation Design
  • Integrated Resource Plans
  • Power Supply Arrangements and Negotiations
  • Transmission Contract Negotiations and Rates
  • Project Management
  • Project Feasibility Studies

Lighting, Data, and Voice Systems

  • Energy Efficient Light Planning & Design
  • Lighting Analysis
  • Sports Lighting, Parking Lots/Areas, Landscaping
  • Specification and Design according to EIA/TIA Standards
  • Fiber Optic Systems
  • Category 5/6 LAN Cabling Systems
  • Telephone/CATV Networking Systems

Design-Build | Construction Services

  • Plans and Specifications
  • Contractor Coordination
  • NEC & NESC Code Compliance Remediation
  • Project Field Coordination
  • Project As-Builts
  • L & I Inspection Issues

Fire Alarm & Security

  • Analog Addressable & Conventional Systems
  • Local, State and National Code Compliance
  • ADA Conformity
  • Certified for Plan Reviews

Joint Use  & Pole Analysis

  • Field Analysis
  • Vertical & Horizontal Loading Analysis
  • Clearance Evaluations
  • Fiber, Communication, Secondary Power Attachment
  • Local, State, National Regulatory Compliance

Commissioning & Testing

  • Power Systems (Substations, Commercial/Industrial Solutions, Portable)
  • Protection Schemes
  • Switching & Energizing
  • Power Factor, Motion Analysis & Hi-Pot
  • ANSI/NETA Standards

Environmental & Real Estate

  • State & Federal Permitting Requirements
  • Oil Containment – SPCC Plans
  • Right-of-Way Research & Acquisition
  • Right-of-Way Negotiations
  • Right-of-Way Corridor Negotiation